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15 September 2009,
Corbin Bleu's new role involves him stripping naked - and shocking his family in the process. The High School Musical star plays a model in new US show The Beautiful Life: TBL and features in some steamy naked posters publicising the show's launch. Talking about breaking the news to his family, the Disney star said: "Trust me, there were talks - there were talks, it was a discussion." Asked who in his family was the most shocked, Corbin said: "Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmother, pretty much everybody."
But the 20-year-old was confident about his choice, saying: "When it comes down to it, it wasn't a personal photo, it was something that was done for a project, and the project is about models, and models are naked half the time when they're backstage anyway."
And the nudity required for his role has meant a healthy new regime for the actor and singer.
"As soon as I found out I was doing this project, I was like, 'my b**t's getting down to the gym right now' and my diet has completely changed, I don't eat any carbs, dairy or sugar, and I eat very low sodium, I pretty much eat protein and vegetables," he said. - The Press Assoc.

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